Client Advocacy

Does someone you know make regular doctor visits, but you never seem to find out what was done or said in that appointment?

Do you live out of town from your aging relative and need someone to get them to and from the doctor, and to make sure accurate notes are taken so you are up to speed?

Are you simply lost trying to locate resources and direction in providing proper assistance to your aging relative?

AdvocacyWhatever your situation, Here To Help Home Care’s Advocacy program is here for just that reason!¬†Our team of caregivers are trained on HIPAA laws and will only provide the documented information to those who have authorization to see it!

We also seek to develop comprehensive programs to fit all the identified needs and to help coordinate the services for you and your family.

Why do we offer Advocacy?

Simple – many people who are aging have regular doctor visits. This often may result in confusion about which doctor said what and when. The problem begins to get worse when we realize medications or doses have been changed. New prescriptions may be introduced. Another prescription may have been cancelled because it conflicts with newly prescribed medication, or is not working correctly. Advocacy can prevent all this!

Is it really that dangerous for a senior to use their medication differently than prescribed?

The reality is this can be catastrophic! Some prescriptions even multiply the effects of one another when taken together! This is called synergism, and it can cause toxicity, it can put someone into a coma, and can even lead to death. Even if the potential is not this extreme for your loved one, Advocacy will protect them from feeling “out of sorts” or “ill” unnecessarily by helping those responsible to keep the medications distributed correctly.

Medication AssistanceOur advocacy program is in place to help avoid just such a disaster. Our team carefully takes notes and is sure to clarify what is being said. This ensures the family will receive accurate and up to date information that will assist you in taking proper care of your loved one!

No more senseless trips to the hospital or quick care. No more feeling like you aren’t doing enough for your aging loved one. Prevent medication problems and be more informed with the Here To Help Home Care Advocacy program!



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