Affordable Home Care

Today, there are many families facing the reality that their loved one needs personalized care.  Whether it is related to recovery from a major surgery, or due to general deterioration of their health from growing older.  This is a daunting task based on the cost, importance of the decision, and the myriad of options that are available for care which exist today.  Navigating all of the available options can be intimidating and stressful for the decision makers involved.

Out of all the options that exist for health care, in-home care is by far the most desirable for the party in need of the care.  It allows them to remain in familiar surroundings where they are the most comfortable and at ease.  It is also by far the easiest to adjust to, as there is not the initial shock that is often coupled with moving to a new location or facility.  For the majority of people the biggest roadblock to choosing in-home care is the cost associated with it.  Unfortunately, the bulk of home care services are not covered through health insurance or Medicare.  This leaves the party needing care and their family responsible for picking up the tab.

The good news is that there are some strategies available that can make in home care for your loved one financially feasible.  With an aging population, there are a growing number of in-home care providers. With more competition there are more available options for care.  This allows you as the decision maker to ‘shop’ for the most affordable in-home care option for your loved one.   The caveat for the decision maker would be to ensure that the selected caregiver is the right fit for your loved one.  With so many types of caregivers practicing in the realm of in-home care, it is easy to get confused by what they provide.  With every patient requiring different care, the key is to avoid using a caregiver that is over-qualified for the care being required.  An example would be hiring a more-costly RN for a patient who only needs the care that can be provided by a Nurse’s Aide.

Another tempting strategy to pare down the cost of in-home care is to utilize private caregivers instead of going through a home care agency (like Here To Help Home Care).  Hiring an individual caregiver may at first be the more affordable option; however it is not the wisest decision in the long run. When a private caregiver is hired, the family that hired them (the employer) is ultimately responsible for their taxes (payroll, social security) and for liability.  Home care agencies are also able to utilize background checks to screen for caregivers that aren’t reliable or able to do the job that needs to be done.  Lastly, home care agencies have more flexibility with staffing than private caregivers.  Home care agencies have many qualified caregivers to choose from if there was ever a conflict in schedule or availability.

In-home care is a gift that you can give your loved one which they can lean on during a very vulnerable phase in their life.  With the knowledge that this desirable type of care is in reach financially, your loved one will be freed up to focus on the most important thing; their health.

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