Caring for Mothers Recovering From a C-Section Delivery

Home portrait of pregnant womanIt is becoming increasingly common that a pregnancy will end in a C-section rather than a normal vaginal delivery; in fact, about 1/3 of all babies born today come into this world via C-section.  Regardless of the medical advances that we enjoy at this day and age, a C-section remains major abdominal surgery, and carries with it significant recovery.   The procedure consists of an incision made through the mother’s abdomen and uterus, allowing the doctor to manually extract the baby from the womb.   A C-section can be either planned or unplanned, and can be an option for the mother and baby for a variety of scenarios.   Planned C-sections are a common occurrence when the mother has had a previous delivery using the same method.  They are also frequently planned when there have been complications diagnosed by the attending physician, such as a large baby which would make vaginal delivery difficult or nearly impossible.   Unplanned C-sections are prevalent in situations where the delivery does not go smoothly.  Many times women can be in labor for hours because their bodies don’t allow for the delivery to naturally progress as designed.  To avert a dangerous situation, the doctor will decide to get the baby out the quickest way possible forcing the mother to undergo a C-section.

Caring for mothers recovering from a c-section delivery is an important responsibility.

Due to the invasive nature of the procedure there is a longer recovery time attributed to C-sections, normally 6-8 weeks.  Subsequently, new mothers face the difficult task of navigating the first weeks of their newborns’ lives with physical limitations.  Common limitations include an inability to lift heavy objects, and limited mobility in general.   Here To Help Home Care recognizes these daunting obstacles, and offers solutions that will help our clients be successful in those all-important first months with a new baby.   We offer care for mothers who are recovering from a c-section delivery by providing assistance with housework including laundry, meal preparation, organizing, cleaning, and general errands including shopping for groceries and supplies.  Our goal is to allow our clients to fully recover from their surgery in the comfort of their home so they can enjoy the new addition to their family.

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