Eating Well for Seniors

portrait of a senior woman eating a fresh salad indoorIt is important for seniors to eat well and incorporate proper nutrition in their overall health plan.


Proper diet and nutrition is important at any age, but it is especially imperative that seniors continue to eat well in their advancing age.  It is important that seniors incorporate a wide variety of foods in their diet, including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Seniors should also make sure they have an adequate amount of calcium and fiber in their diets, while also avoiding excess intake of sodium.   Seniors that employ a healthy diet strengthen their immune system which enables their bodies to fight off illnesses.  With a strong immune system, not only do the illnesses occur less frequently, but the severity and duration will be drastically lessened.   When the correct diet is followed, physical health thrives.  There is a strong correlation which has been discovered between a healthy body and a healthy mind.  It becomes evident that when good health and nutrition is priority, there is a domino effect which allows the individual to thrive in all areas.


Unfortunately, good health and nutrition is not something that can occur overnight, it must be cultivated.  Seniors face many obstacles which make healthy eating/living more difficult to attain.  For example, many seniors may not be able to leave their home, making going to the grocery store to purchase healthy foods impossible.   With limited mobility and resources, preparing a nutritionally sound meal is also a difficult task.   Some seniors also face the reality that food won’t interest them as much due to illness or side effects from their medications.  Lastly, it is likely that many seniors find it difficult to follow a specific diet regimen because of the dedication and planning that it takes.


For a senior, employing good health and nutrition is a great concept, but can be overwhelming to put into action.  Here To Help Home Care employs skilled caregivers that can help your loved one get on the right track to reach their goal of living a healthy lifestyle.  Our caregivers can shop for groceries, prepare meals, and also make sure that the senior they are looking after is getting proper nutrition.  Here To Help Home Care is dedicated to helping your loved one attain the healthy lifestyle they need.

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