Why hire an agency


Why Hire an Agency? Why Not Save a Buck?

images (10)It is true many people desire to age-in-place in their own home.  However for some the options are just not clear on how to accomplish that. Do you hire a private caregiver?  Do you hire an agency?

The thought of hiring a non-medical home care agency can be daunting.  Due to the costs and increasing shortage of caregivers, some individuals turn to private caregivers rather than an agency.  This may seem at first glance like a reasonable option, however there are risks associated with hiring your own private caregiver.

Why hire an agency:

Tax Issues

If you hire a private caregiver you become their employer.  This requires you to pay Social Security, unemployment and payroll taxes.  There have been cases where families have signed independent contractor agreements but the liability still remains with the family should the caregiver fail to pay the taxes.  When you hire a home care agency, the agency is the employer and will take care of paying all the taxes due for each caregiver.  At Here To Help Home Care, all of our caregivers are employed by our agency and we do not hire independent contractors.  Therefore we take care of paying all the Social Security, unemployment and payroll taxes on behalf of our caregivers.  You are never at risk when you hire our agency for caregiver taxes.

Liability Insurance and Bonding

A tremendous benefit of hiring an agency such as ours is that we are fully insured and bonded which covers every caregiver we hire.  If you venture out to hire a private caregiver you will taking on risk that you may not necessary want to take on.  Abuse and exploitation of seniors is unfortunately a growing problem in America and private caregivers typically are not insured as they cannot afford the premiums.  That puts you and your family at risk.

Agency Supervision and Resources

A home care agency has a responsibility to provide ongoing supervision.  At Here To Help Home Care our staff regularly audits the level of care we deliver and actively supervises all caregivers.  When you have a private caregiver in your home, you as the family member must provide the supervision.  With busy schedules it is difficult to provide the necessary level of oversight to ensure your loved one is getting the level of care needed. And in the case your caregiver is unable to fill their shift, we have team members that can fill that role so you don’t face an interruption in care, or in your personal plans.

These are important things to consider when looking for a caregiver.  Price of care should not be the top concern.  When you consider the reasons why you should hire an agency, the cost is very reasonable considering all that an agency provides.

If you are in need of home care, please contact us today for a no-cost evaluation of your needs. At Here To Help Home Care, your needs come first and if we cannot meet your needs, we will help you find the care you need!

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