Honoring Veteran’s Wives

Old woman sitting on cemetery benchOur country has a rich history of holding our veterans in high esteem.  They are honored throughout the year with holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day, as well as remembrances of battles such as Pearl Harbor and the D-Day invasion.  Veterans are cheered in parades, saluted before sporting events, celebrated in song, and thanked in person in public places.  Our veterans deserve all the recognition and admiration that we can afford to give them.  Many have paid the ultimate price and have managed to keep our country safe, allowing freedom to reign since our nation was formed.

There is a group of unsung heroes that do not enjoy the accolades that our veterans receive, but are very deserving of our admiration as well.  This group is composed of the spouses of our military veterans.  The saying goes that ‘behind every great man, there’s a great woman’, and there is no better illustration of this quote than with the wives of our veterans.  Their list of contributions to our country is not measured in battles won or lives lost, but in moral support and raising strong sons and daughters.   They are charged with the difficult task of holding their families together through surprise deployments, frequent moves to new places, loneliness, isolation, and the constant worry of losing their husbands in the line of duty.  Even if they are blessed with their loved one returning home to them, there are significant challenges that must be faced.  Many veterans suffer PTSD after deployment, and must exist in a new reality of fear and anxiety.  There are also countless veterans who must try to rehabilitate from the loss of limbs or significant head trauma.  The road to recovery is covered in frustration and tears, but is navigated with the help of their supportive spouses.

Unfortunately, there are not many resources out there for the wives of our veterans.  Here To Help Home Care has recognized this glaring need for help, and has located independent resources which can assist military wives in getting financially secure.   Our contacts can facilitate the completion of the Veteran Assistance Program applications on their behalf, to get their family on the road to healing and recovery.   We salute our forgotten heroes; the wives of our veterans!

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