The Importance of Proper Bed Rest

Home portrait of pregnant womanThere are many situations which warrant personalized in-home care beyond those dealing with the elderly.  One of these scenarios is when there are complications with a pregnancy which necessitates the mother-to-be to go on bed rest.  This is normally recommended by the attending physician who is overseeing the pregnancy, and can be required due to any number of factors.  The extent of bed rest can vary, based on the severity of the factors involved, ranging from periodic resting to full bed rest.

One of these factors could be pregnancy related high blood pressure, which could potentially lead to the more serious preeclampsia.  Another possible complication is a pregnancy involving multiples, as the added stress on the body could limit the mobility of the mother.   Other serious pregnancy complications that may require the expectant mother to be on bed rest include: gestational diabetes, poor fetal development, changes in the cervix or pre-term labor.   Regardless of the specific scenario that an expectant mother is facing, bed rest is a critical approach that increases the likelihood that there will be a healthy pregnancy and most importantly a successful delivery.

Unfortunately, when an expectant mother is placed on bed rest, she may still be burdened with other stressors.  In today’s culture, mothers are stretched thin with ever-growing responsibilities.  One aspect to consider is the reality that many mothers-to-be already have children in their home that they must take care of, along with their normal duties around the home.  If their condition requires them to be on bed rest, they will need help to make sure everything is taken care of.  Here To Help Home Care understands the importance of bed rest and can provide the assistance that pregnant women need in order to ensure that they can rest and focus on having a healthy pregnancy.  We can provide escort to appointments, run errands, shop for groceries and supplies, clean, organize, and help with other household tasks that need to be done.  Our mission is to provide customized care to our clients and to accommodate their specific needs.

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