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President of Here To Help Home Care

Anthony Bailey served as a Police Officer with the North Las Vegas Police Department from February 28, 2000 until June 8, 2012 where he served as a Patrol Officer, Trainer, and Motorcycle Officer. When he retired from serving there, he moved to Michigan with his family to begin operation of Here To Help Home Care. His father served in the Vietnam war, and his brother served in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

“My desire is to serve others – and I have a special place in my heart for Veterans. Their sacrifices gave us the freedoms we have today, and we want to serve them now with honor and integrity.”

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Kat Bailey serves as Secretary on the board of M4 Investments Company, parent company to Here To Help Home Care and is co-founder of the agency.

Her father served in the Navy during the Vietnam era, and she grew up with a grandfather who suffered with Dementia and who was cared for in her home by her parents.

“I remember sneaking into my grand-pa’s room and whispering ‘I love you.’ He would say, ‘I love you too.’ So many fond memories of having him at home. It wasn’t until later I learned that caring for him caused a great deal of strain on my parent’s marriage. This is another reason why we are Here To Help.”

Meet Our Team

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