On Call Family Support


We can help on short notice, with On Call Services

On Call Service puts you in control!

Many times we come across families that have a need for support, but don’t require regularly scheduled home care assistance. Because of this, we developed our On Call Family Support program!

Our On Call Family Support program allows seniors, and families of seniors, to have the peace of mind of close support in a pinch. For anything from an unexpected personal care need, to situations where someone is needed but emergency response by police/fire/ems is excessive.

You can now call upon Here To Help, and we will respond to help with our specially selected On Call Family Support team!

This is not for families who need consistent support, but for those who only may occasionally need a helping hand.


With a monthly subscription to the On Call Family Support Program, you have the peace of mind of close support for your loved one who doesn’t yet need scheduled in home care, or for peace of mind while you work to convince your loved ones they need regularly scheduled care. The basic subscription covers one response per month.

If there are two occupants of the home, for an advanced subscription fee, we will cover both loved ones!

The On Call Family Support Program includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our team, so you won’t be required to keep that on hand. It also comes with knowing our team is bonded and insured as well.

On Call Family Support team members will be at your loved one’s home within 75 minutes, and will address whatever concerns have arisen at that time.

Documentation will be created and a report sent upon completion, keeping family aware of what took place during the response.


The On Call Family Support program does not require you to be a current client of Here To Help, nor does it require you to (apart from the On Call Family Support program contract agreement) become a regular customer. We will even provide this service if you are currently utilizing another home care agency, and want the additional support in place.


Clients without close family support, seniors with hesitations about regularly scheduled home care, seniors needing an additional outlet for spend-downs who want the peace of mind this offers, children of seniors who want to know help will be available in a pinch, and anyone who feels like doing nothing is not good enough, and placing scheduled home care is too much!

Our team can help in many types of situations

On Call to help in a pinch!