Compassionate and personal yet professional care is critically important to us, but don’t take our word for it. Read our testimonials:


“Here To Help Home Care is very responsive and they work hard at providing exactly what you need. They are concerned about the caregiver they provide and make sure that they match the caregiver and client efficiently. They have made this difficult situation manageable. The office staff is quick to respond to any problem we have. Occasions will come up and they respond quickly. The office staff doesn’t make us feel like we are a nuisance. You feel like they are here to help.”


 “I would recommend Here To Help Home Care because of their efficiency and expertise.”

John C.

“I would recommend others to use Here To Help Home Care because they are reliable and have great staff members.”


“Our caregiver was excellent. She was on time, did everything that was asked of her, was pleasant, caring, efficient. She kept me informed about what went on with my mom while I was gone, she cleaned everything up after each task, she was well organized. She was creative with brain stimulating games. I feel my mom is very safe in her care. I highly recommend this healthcare provider.”

Linda C.

“Your company has been a life saver for us as we took on the enormous challenge of taking in my in-laws.  The things we value most are that you are Christian-based, gave us some great suggestions when we first met, and are also easy to work with.  You confirm that you have received my messages and return with the results in a timely manner. We like our caregiver and she eagerly asked me what she could help with and she came prepared with an activity our mom enjoyed.  We can’t say enough good things about our her.  She is very kind and patient with our parents.  She will skillfully do anything I ask of her and never gives any indication that she might not like doing the task.  She even does things she knows I like done but didn’t put on the list.  Your company couldn’t have a better name.  You have all been an enormous help to us.”

Leslie M.

The ladies that come to take care of my Dad are very professional as well as pleasant! They take their time with Dad who has Parkinson’s as well as dementia. It’s not unusual for it to take him 10 min to walk 20 feet but they never rush him. Here To Help also offers classes for their caregivers so they understand how different disease’s effect the persons body as well as their brain. We had another company coming out first and the difference between the professionalism is unmistakable.”

Sterling’s Daughter

Here To Help Home Care has been very helpful. They are very nice and easy to get a hold of whenever I have questions. The management contacts me if there are changes and asks if it is alright with us. It has been a good experience. The caregiver they provide us is very pleasant. She comes twice a month to clean our house. She does what she says she is going to do. We are using them for five months now. So far, I am very happy with the quality of service.”

Mary B.

Here To Help Home Care did a great job. They were there when we needed them on a short notice or during Holidays. Everybody that came through were good. I have no complaints about them. We used their service around-the-clock for almost two weeks. The first night when I needed somebody, all of the regular staff was not available. So the one who made the scheduling came herself. The management was very well organized.”


“Here To Help did exactly what we needed to have done.” “Here To Help always kept us informed.”


“Having the privilege to care for my aging mother, I also have the privilege of working part-time and going to school full-time. My mother, like so many aging adults, needs full-time care. Here to Help Home Care exemplifies professional caring help. Mom’s home helper, Jill, creates smiles, harmony, and peace. When I return home from working, it is so nice to see my mom smiling and happy. Thank you Here to Help; and thank you Jill!”  



2015 Best of Home Care Employer of Choice (High Resolution)[1]2015 Best of Home Care Provider of Choice (High Resolution)

Awarded the “Employer of choice” and the “Provider of Choice” award for 2015, Here To Help Home Care strives to provide the highest in quality care available.

To facilitate that, we have hired an independent agency to conduct random monthly satisfaction surveys of not only our clientele, but our team as well. This provides us with areas of success and areas where we can improve, ensuring we pursue effective policies and systems that result in satisfied clients and happy team members! This has resulted in the nationally recognized awards you see above!


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