Water Aerobics Is Great Exercise As We Age

It is common knowledge today that the link between physical health and longevity is a strong one.  The group of people which could reap the greatest benefit of putting this knowledge into practice is seniors.  The stumbling block for many seniors in employing an exercise regimen is finding one which meets their very important needs of it being effective without causing injury.  Many of the workout plans popular in the marketplace today are high intensity and high impact, which is the opposite of what is required for our seniors.

One of the most popular (and most effective) workout methods for seniors is water aerobics.  The reason for its popularity is clear as there are many key benefits:

  • Readily Accessible and Inexpensive:  Water aerobics can be done in any pool which a senior may have access to.  As a result of its popularity, there are numerous places where a senior can partake in water aerobics.  They include public pools, community centers, local schools, fitness studios and local YMCA’s.  With it being such a benefit to the senior community, many of these classes are administered at little or no cost to the participants.
  • Non-intimidating:  Unlike other methods of exercise, water aerobics is not intimidating.  The person taking part is mostly hidden from view below the water.   This lessens judgment as onlookers would not have a vantage point to be able to gauge the participant’s fitness level or intensity of the workout they are putting in.   This permits the participant to maximize the benefit of the workout, as they are not self-conscious of others watching them.
  • Very Effective:  Out of all the workouts for seniors, water aerobics carries the least probability of injury.  It is extremely low impact which makes it easy on the joints.  The buoyancy of the water is shown to reduce the weight of the participant to about 90%!  This lessens the likelihood of muscle soreness and can even help ease arthritis pain that many seniors experience.  The fluidity of the water provides natural resistance which helps to build muscle strength.  The water pressure causes the participants lungs to work harder, leading to increased lung capacity.  The nature of the water also helps to increase flexibility, balance, range of motion and agility.

Even though water aerobics are considered very safe, the wisest course of action is to participate in a group session or class instructed by an experienced teacher.  This will prevent injury, and will also teach the participant the correct way to complete the exercises.  This empowers them to put their knowledge into practice on their own, or even teach their friends and family.

Here To Help Home Care is able to support our clients with implementing a water aerobics program by transporting them back and forth to their sessions, and developing a schedule for them to closely follow so they can be successful!

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